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One of the best quotes I have read recently is your network is your net worth.

It's easy to understand why this is the case.  If you lose your job, and you have a strong network, you have people to call upon for information leads or introductions - a far easier way to find a role than just relying on advertised jobs.

Unfortunately, most people waste valuable opportunities when they network, starting with the way they answer the really common questions:  "tell me about yourself" or "what do you do?"  Have you noticed how people either list everything they have ever done, or waffle on in an unstructured manner?

If this is you, now there's an app to help with that.

Karalyn Brown, friend of Recruitment Pool and Founder of Interview IQ has just launched an app myPitch.

myPitch will help come up with a strong pitch and answer the questions tell me about yourself or what do you do?

When you nail these questions, you can have someone lean forward and ask "tell me more" and you can point the interview in the direction you'd like to take it.

myPitch features:

  • easy to follow instructions
  • scripts and examples
  • video examples of good and bad pitches
  • the ability to film, store and share your pitch for feedback

Check out the myPitch iPhone app here.

Find out more about myPitch here.

If you need additional help answering tricky interview questions.  You can also visit this write up in the Australian Financial Review and the BRW.  "How to answer the five trickiest interview questions".


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