The Recruitment Shake Up! Your Personal Brand Profile is the new Job Seeker Stand Out!

I presented at the Reinvent Your Career Expo this weekend.  I spoke about ways to 'Showcase Your Personal Brand in Today's Digital World' to stand out when next applying for a role.

Today's job seeker and the future job seeker, needs to see themselves as more than just their static resume!  Consider yourself a Personal Brand.

So, my team and I at Recruitment Pool are breaking new territory for job seekers and employers to shake up the recruitment world with the personal brand in mind.  So connect with us to be a part of 'your' recruitment future.

First of all, what is your uniqueness?  What is your point of difference?  What is it that you want a future employer to know about you and what you can offer now?  Think of yourself as YOU Pty Ltd - this is your Personal Brand.  What do you stand for?  What is it that you do and want to be known for, that a future employer can benefit from?  And what is the impact you can make towards their future performance?

Your Personal Brand Profile, the new job seeker stand out, should be a collection of visual, active, written, current, verbal and social information.  You are more than just the written word or an online presence resume!  It's also how you relate to others, how you interact, what you discuss and communicate, what you share, what groups you engage in, what you accomplish, the projects you do and what you are currently involved in that will make you 'stand out' from others when employers are looking for their next hire, not just sifting through a pile of CV's.


Via our website:

Click here to create a free Personal Brand Profile with Recruitment Pool.

Your Recruitment Pool Personal Brand Profile allows you to link your current and active online information from a number of URL's (think videos, photos, blogs, articles, other social media platforms).  The sky's the limit when you think about what you can 'share and collate' to create your personal brand profile.  Think of your RP Personal Brand as a one stop shop to access YOU Pty Ltd.

Your Personal Brand Profile also gives you a social media platform to enable you to connect with others who just may know about your next role (remember, its who you know that gets you in the door with a new employer in a lot of cases), create and contribute to discussion groups and forums, show your online activity - ALL related to showcasing your current worth to a potential employer.  As more people create profiles, the more you can showcase how you interact, so get moving, create a profile and tell others about it as well.

We do not provide a 'static' print out of your Personal Brand Profile once you've created it.  Why should we?  That would be all too easy and boring.  Your Personal Brand Profile is about keeping you relevant, active and real.  Instead, we have a blog roll feel that can be viewed.  You can also verify your RSS feed content with the platforms provided before you share them under 'resources'.  And imagine this - we will QR Code your Personal Brand Profile so you can insert this into your static resume - unfortunately job ads still see a need for job seekers to apply to them with their CV's.  So lets 'tech savvy up' your static resume and provide a quick response to your online Personal Brand Profile.  Employers can scan this code on their mobile devices to view your profile, or they can have a desktop application that can scan and open up the code data on their desktop where they can view your profile via their web browser.

Or Go Mobile!:

We have just launched a mobile version for you where you can create your Personal Brand Profile on the go!  You can also share your mobile personal brand profile, or that of a friend's, to various share points (email, dropbox, facebook).  And why not share IN to Facebook?  You may have a friend in Facebook or a Company that potentially could be you or your friend's next boss!

We are still working on our mobile view offering but we think we have a pretty good head start.

Overall, if you can show an employer from the onset what you have to offer through a Recruitment Pool Personal Brand Profile, whether its shared, viewed, or via a QR Code on your resume, imagine how you will 'stand out' in the interview process.


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