The Top #5 Secrets to a winning ‘Ooh Aah’ Factor and landing that role!



Forget the X-Factor!  Have you ever wondered what your 'Ooh Aah' Factor is?

The Ooh Aah Factor is what leaves people excited and wondering about you after you've left that interview, the impression and amazement you leave upon others after attending an event, or even the satisfaction others feel after you have spoken.

Simply putting it - your Ooh Aah Factor is your Personal Brand!

Your Personal Brand is your unique point of difference when it comes to standing out, being seen, being heard and ultimately being hired.  Resume aside, which accounts for a small percent towards representing your personal brand, the way in which you run your own business called 'You Pty Ltd' both in person and online, is what will ultimately give you that competitive edge when it comes to securing an interview above all others, as well as giving you a sense of self belief, control and confidence you might not have noticed before.

Harnessing your Personal Brand is integral in today's world for all professionals - it's not just for the elite few successful business people, entrepreneurs or entertainers of the world.

So I'm here to briefly tell you about the Top 5 Secrets towards a winning 'Ooh Aah' Factor that will engage, inspire and empower you to career success.

Secret 1:  Create your Vision

Secret 2:  Create your Value Proposition

Secret 3:  Content is King

Secret 4:  Make Action your friend

Secret 5:  Consistency and Commitment is Key

Want to know more about each one applicable to the strategies of You Pty Ltd?

Contact me via  Together, lets create a winning combination for your success in landing your next role in 2015, whether it be through promotion or a new job opportunity.

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